Proctoring Programme

  The proctoring program at SSB is a unique combination of mentoring and counseling to the students by the designated faculty for the course period. Each staff is a Mentor. Each mentor is allotted 20 students who “journey with the students” throughout their 8 semesters. Each student’s performance and also his/her problems are monitored through counseling and guidance. The information pertaining to each student is kept highly confidential by the mentor. The students are personally taken care of by the principal, , the class advisors and the mentor. The the principal invites the parents as and when required to understand the student better and to effectively guide his through.

  Each Class has 2 Class Advisors, who monitor the academic performance and attendance of the students. The Class Advisors interact with parents on the progress of the student. The class reps will run the CR register where attendance and absentees list is marked with the topic of that class, signed by the faculty and student as a running register .