College Canteen

  There is a pantry near the class rooms where faculty can take tea coffee after the lacture. For students there is a can teen.

  The much-loved adda for college students is the canteen, which is always overcrowded and has the canteen wala working overtime to meet everyone's gastronomical demands. And for the newbies, it's the perfect place to catch up on the latest gossip in college, make new friends, try to hit it off with seniors, and yes, satiate their hunger pangs! Canteen is definitely an indispensable part of college life, and it doesn't matter if it's a small one-room pantry or a sprawling eating joint.

  Canteen is also the place where you can catch up with the students of other departments and check out the hot girls and cute boys in college. "I didn't go to the canteen at all during my first few weeks in college. Once, one of my friends took me there. I realized what I've been missing out on all these days. I spotted so many new faces sitting and chatting away. There was an all-girls gang sitting around one of the tables. I've studied in an all-boys' school and hardly got the chance to interact with girls. I think, I must have gone red with nervousness because the moment the girls spotted me, they sniggered. After a few days, one of the girls from that group came to me and apologized for their behavior. Now, I'm friends with all of them and often hangout together. Other boys in my class must be wondering how I became so popular with girls!" exclaims Girish, an MBA student.