• An Experience To Remember

  As the sun was about to rise, somewhere around 4.30 a.m on the 7th of Feb, 2013, we rushed ourselves from the bed with only one dream in our mind, that was to attend the seminar on New Age of Agro Food Supply Chain, at Bangalore arranged by BCIC (Bangalore Chamber of Industrial Commerce) at the super luxurious Le Meridien Hotel.

 Nine of us boarded the transport arranged by our college, Sanskrithi School of Business, Puttaparthy at 5 o clock in the morning. Five boys and four girls, we started our journey not only towards Bangalore but also towards our dream. It was once in a life time opportunity for us and we would have gone to any bounds to fulfil that.

 Our I.T faculty, Prof. Srikanth accompanied us to the seminar. We got to our location at 9.30 a.m. On reaching our destination, we found the reception to be very warm as they were very helpful in guiding us through the whole process of registering and making sure that we were comfortable in our respective places. We were handed the programme list and other souvenirs.

 The seminar started at sharp 10'o clock by Mr.Murali Ganesan, The Chairman of Agro & Food Processing Expert Committee, BCIC, followed by Mr. G Chandrasekhar and many other dignitaries.

Both of them were awesome on their respective speeches. Mr. Ganesan focused on the current situation of Indian agro food supply chain. In his speech he discussed the challenges and the solution i.e. how we can overcome those problems. He spoke Not only about the problems and solutions but also the future plan of the agro industry. Whereas Mr. Chandrasekhar started with a quote of a farmer "I know only one culture that is agriculture". Simply every one of the auditorium thrill a shock of weave on their body and the auditorium blast into round of applause. He continued his speech up to 11:00'o clock. After them Mr. Ashok Nair the VP of Operations, Returns Market Light tolled us the current marketing strategies and how they are changing their strategy as per market concern. He discussed various marketing strategy and the best one to survive in this ever changing globe. I believe that his speech helped a lot to all the marketing students those who attended the seminar. We were so enthralled by his speech that we didn't even understand that the tea break was knocking. Though I don't drink tea yet seeing my friend's charming faces I can say that the tea was superb. All my friends was enjoying the tea, coffee, snacks and three of us was busy in photo session during the break. We have taken lots of picture in different places. Mr. Sriraman, Managing Director of Accenture, started the next session after tea. As I am software developer, I was eagerly waiting to know that how they are using latest technology for the Indian farmers when many of them are not even enough educated to use internet. He discussed how they are using cloud computing and many other latest technology to provide the farmer a more easier system so that they can manage their own crops and keep themselves updated with the current rate, weather and all other elements.

 In the question answer session one lady said that "I feel proud to be a farmer." We asked one question that "what are the basic steps of BCIC to educate farmers?"

 After we satisfied our brains with its food of knowledge, we headed for lunch to satisfy our stomach. The food was simply fantastic. Both veg and non-veg items were available with huge variety. We ate to our heart's content. On the other side, apart from gaining lots of information and learning a lot from esteemed personalities, we had huge fun. The environment was magnificent and we clicked many pictures. At the end of the day we all were thrilled at the experience we had. We thank our college management and Prof.Srikanth for giving this wonderful scope to expose ourselves to the outside world of business and vice versa.